Monday, March 12, 2012

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

"Meanwhile, back at the ranch" entries will tell the other side of our efforts to grow fruit and veg. As such, they'll tie into the "All from nothing" blog posts.

While I was busy on-site at the allotment, Clare was busy making important and necessary preparations for our growing veg. She's drawn up plans for a rotation of crops, and researched on how best to manage the plot - for example, there are flowers that act as a deterrent to harmful insects, etc. 

She's been reading lots of material - both online (always a good resource) and in books we already own. 

To get a head start on our crops (as we're starting a little late in the year), she's bought a few plants (instead of growing from seed). These include tomato and chilli. She's also sown a variety of seeds, from butternut squash to beetroot. 

Clare's also "chitting" potatoes, making them ready for sowing. Obviously, potatoes are something of a mainstay in the Irish diet. As a family, we perhaps don't eat quite as much as an average clan, so hopefully the allotment will be able to provide for all our "spud" needs. 

Already, we're seeing progress the work Clare has put in. Hopefully the allotment will be ready to transplant these crops soon - the sooner the better!

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