Monday, March 12, 2012

All from nothing... (part 4)

Our efforts to transform an unused piece of land into a productive vegetable garden. 

Day 5:

Well today it was back to normal life. With all the excitement of getting the allotment, I've not had a chance to take advantage of the short season to harvest and collect birch sap (see blog from last year), which was something I really wanted to do. So my first port of call after work was a local birch forest, which will hopefully yield a couple litres of birch sap for brewing into wine.

After this, I headed straight to the allotment, and stared to turn the last of the sod. Perhaps it was that I was coming to the work fresh, or maybe it was that I had very little left of this task to do, but I threw myself at it with vigor, and pretty soon I was turning the last piece of sod. 

Having completed such a large and necessary task felt great, and I spent a minute leaning on the fence, contemplating my work with pride. 

Next task, forking all the soil... 

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mum said...

Hard work paying off.