Friday, March 16, 2012

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... (part 2)

Things are progressing quickly with the seeds Clare planted a couple of days ago. As far back as last Wednesday, the first shoots began to appear. Incidently, in the battle of our compost versus commercial compost, our compost won, it being this first to produce shoots. This re-asserts my belief that home created compost is of far better quality than what is available in garden centres.

Our first shoot of the year.

After that, shoots began to appear apace. More are poking their heads up daily, and growing rapidly. I think that the conditions Clare has created are playing a large part in this success. The seed pots are in our kitchen window, which is south facing and the best place in the house to take advantage of sunlight. Clare is also keeping the compost in the seed pots damp, watering them once a day.

The shoots are tiny, true, but it's a heartening sign of thing to come. I love the thought that each of these tiny shoots will grow into a fruit or vegetable bearing plant. (And eventually become material for composting themselves). Eventually, of course, most of these will end up transplanted into the allotment.

I'll post further on how all this growing goes.

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