Sunday, May 21, 2006

Obituary for Winston Marx, "Class Warrior"...

It is with great sadness that the family of Winston Marx announce his death.

For those who are unaware of this great man, a brief history of his life follows:

Winston Marx was born into relative poverty. His mother, Carla, was unmarried, and was thus a single mother struggling against a cruel world. She was greatly helped however, by her partner Lenny Vladmir, whom she never married. He worked as a labourer but as this was “cash in hand” employment, and thus declared himself as unemployed. It suited the family better this way, and besides, declaring oneself unemployed while still in gainful employment was something of a tradition in the neighbourhood where they lived.

As a child, Winston grew up despising the state for what he saw as a hugely inadequate level of support the government gave those who were socially disadvantaged. The grass appeared to be greener south of the border (the local river that divided the two communities).
Despite these feelings, or perhaps because of them, Winston worked hard and excelled at his local public school. Again, he noted the difference of facilities in his local, state sponsored school, and the private one that the other community had. However, thanks to the help of his dedicated teachers, these less luxurious surroundings did not stop Winston from doing exceptionally well in his final exams. His friends from the locality could not understand his need to do well. After all, once they had finished school, they intended to sign on like everyone else and begin to raise large, benefit generating families.

After the completion of his free education, Winston decided to move into politics, where he felt he could help the downtrodden from communities such as his. A true social activist, he founded a new party, the “Social Benefit” party, which would represent “the little people”.
The “Social Benefit” party became a huge success in his town, and other towns like his. They fought to ensure that people who did not wish to work still would receive state support, and not the “just enough” support that Winston’s family had received when he was a child.
After all, there were rich in the community that could surely be taxed a little more for the good of people with less money. What was it to them to give up some of their hard earned wealth to help those that just weren’t able or couldn’t be bothered?

The “Social Benefit” party’s image was often tarnished in the right wing controlled media however, who regularly exposed the fact that most of their elected representatives were former criminals and ex-cons. Also a vigilante group called the RIA had sprung up which was widely accepted to be controlled by the leadership of the “Social Benefit” party. Winston strongly disavowed any relation between the two groups but “understood what their issues were”. Winston often defended the RIA when they engaged in criminal activities such as bank robbery and kneecappings.

To list the aims of the “Social Benefit” party in full here would be against the point, but suffice to say they were in favour of high taxes for the rich, state controlled companies (for obvious reasons), and were reasonably left wing in all their views.

As an older man, Winston lost none of his zeal for the Socialist cause, and was often seen campaigning for it long after his retirement. Just prior to his death, the now ever growing “Social Benefit” party held a ceremony for him in which they declared him “a true Class Warrior”.

Winston Marx passed away peacefully in his local public hospital.

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